Cadillac Eldorado, 1959, USA

The dramatic tail fins of the 1959 Cadillac Eldordo soared more than 3 feet above the ground. Equipped with extravagant features like teather interior and twin, bullet-style tail lights, the Eldorado- -Spanish for "The Gilded One"- truly lived up to its name.

From Cynthia- FlagGazer via North America RR group 307.

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Shemeek Mecabih pisze...

*.* I fall in love!

Absolutely awesome postcard. Classic old cars is one of my fouvorite theme anyway
But this one is marvelous!

Petitek79 pisze...

Oj Kolego! Takim autkiem to bym sobie pojeździł. Nikt by nie przeszedł obojętnie obok tego cacka.