Willingen, Hesse, Germany

Willingen- a little town in Hesse ( German: Hessen; Polish: Hesja) famous for every year event of  International Cup Ski- jumping competition. There is a ski jump arena with seats for  100000 viewers.
A card from Sandra and Dennis.

Wrocław, Poland

The Town Hall in Wrocław (Polish: Ratusz)  -  late Gothic style building on  Old Town Square in the town. It was built  in some periods during 250 years from XIII to XVI centuries. 

A card from Natasza.

Hettstedt, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Hettstedt- a town in Mansfeld- Sudharz District in Saxony-Anhalt. Polulation: 15000 inhabitants.
A card from Dirk.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Church of Saint Nicholas  in Kyiv (Ukrainian: Микільська церква) from XVII century.
 A card from Alexey.


Berlin, Germany

This beautiful postcard I have received from Julia. A card show the Berlin  Cathedral (German: Berliner Dom) near Lustgarten park, consecrated by the emperior William II in 1905.

Scarborough, England (UK)

Scarborough Castle is a former  Medieval Royal fortress situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea and the town of Scarbborough in England. It was built in XII century by Willian le Gros, Earl of York and fortified by king Henry the Second. The castle has became a ruin since English Civil War (1642-1651).
  A card from Nigel.

Hamburg-Hafen City, Germany

Hafen City is a  project of city-planning where the old harbourquarters of Hamburg are built on with offices, hotels, shops, official buildings and residential areas. The project is one of the largest rebuilding projects in Europe in the 21st century.

This card I received from Martin.

Amrum, Schlezwig-Holstein, Germany

Amrum is one of North Frisian Islands on North Sea. Population: 2300 people. The main activity of inhabitants there is tourism because of rich nature, culture and architecture. On a picture- a windmil (German: Mühle; Polish: wiatrak) founded in 1771.
A card via PC from Marja from Holland.

Bensersiel, Lower Saxony, Germany

Nordseeheilbad Bensersiel is popular tourist place in Lower Saxony.
A card from Uwe.

Bremen-Vegesack, Germany

Vegesack is a part of Bremen, located by river Lesum. On the first weekend in June takes place Vegesack Harbour Festival. Three days full of live music, shanty choirs, maritime attractions and happy people.
A next card from Uwe.


A Sanctuarium of Virgin Maria near Milano (Polish: Mediolan).
A card from Andrea.


Dresden, Saxony, Germany

Dresden (Polish: Drezno; Sorbian: Drježdźany), a capital of Saxony (German: Sachsen; Polish: Saksonia; Sorbian: Sakska). Its name etymologically derives from Old Sorbian Drežďany, meaning people of the riverside forest. Popuation: over 517000 people. It is big industrial, economical and historical centre in Germany. Dresden's history has a lot of common with Poland by Electors of Saxony, Kings of Poland and Grand Dukes of Lithuania: Augustus II the Strong and his son Augustus III the Saxon .The dynasty of Wettin governed Poland in 1697-1763.
Bea sent me this card. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China ( next one is Macau) .
It is over 7 milion people on 1104 m2 of teritory. Hong Kong's population is 95% ethnic Chinese and 5 others. The region became a Great Britain's colony and stayed until its control till 1997.The town has the big authonomy.It is the one of a biggest financial centers in the world.

A card from Jonathan.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Salt Lake City is a capital of Utah, with population over 183000 people. It was founded in 1874 as Great Salt Lake City by Mormon pioneers.Today it has been a headquarters of Mormon Church. The town was a host of  Winter Olympics Games in 2002.
A card from Mary Ann.


Harjavalta, Finalnd

Harjavalta-a 7500 inhabitants town in Western Finland. Town priviliges Harjavalta received in 1977.

A card from Onti via official PC.

Studebaker, Indiana, USA

The Studebaker Commander is the model-name of a long succession of automobiles produced by the Studebaker Corporation in Indiana, USA and Studebaker of Canada Ltd. The company existed till 1966.

A card from Martin.

Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Leipzig (Polish, Sorbian: Lipsk) is a largest city in Saxony ( German: Sachsen; Polish: Saksonia), population: 519000.  In the 17th century, Leipzig was one of the major European city-centres of learning and culture in fields such as music, astronomy and optics. After World War II, Leipzig became a major urban centre within the GDR.  In 2006, Leipzig hosted key games in the World Cup.

This multiview I received from Ingo.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa- the capital of Canada and 2nd largest city in Ontario Province.The town has a popultion of about 812000. Over 60% of people use English and  15% French languages and both are official in the town.Ottawa is known as a town of 3 big universities and several private and public collages.

 This beautiful postcard I received from Cdnstar in Slavic Countries RR, group 63.A card shows a Canadian Parliament.

Freyburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Freyburg- town in Saxony-Anhalt ( German: Sachsen-Anhalt; Polish: Saksonia-Anhalt).It is the northernmost wine growing region in Germany and has a wine festival called the "Winzerfest" every year in September. It is famous for its Rotkäppchen sparkling wine and the Neuenburg castle, built in the 11th century.

A card was sent by Dirk.

Volendam, Holland

Volendam is known as a tourist town in Northen Holland. The majority of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, which is deeply connected to the village culture.
On a photo- the harbour.

A card from Linda via Postcrossing.


Häme Castle is one of Finland’s medieval royal castles.In the 18th century a third storey was built and curtain wall buildings partly replaced the original outer walls. The castle and its surroundings were in prison use from 1837 to 1972. The main castle is now presented as a historical monument.

A card from Suzanne via Postcrossing.


Bay of Griefswald, Mecklenburg-Verpommern, Germany

A very nice map-card of the Bay of Greifswald (German: Griefswalder Bodden; Polish: Zatoka Gryfijska)It is in the Southwestern Baltic Sea, off the shores of Germany in state Mecklenburg-Verpommern (Polish: Meklemburgia-Pomorze Przednie) with an area of 514 km² It is the largest Bay of the German Baltic coast.

A map was sent by Michael.

Carolinensiel, Lower Saxony, Germany

Next card from Uwe shows a little North Sea Beach Resort in Lower Saxony.


The City Municipality of Bremen German: Stadtgemeinde Bremen, Polish:Brema) is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. A commercial and industrial city with a major port on the river Weser, Bremen is part of the Bremen-Oldenburg Metropolitan Area (2.4 million people).

A card from Uwe.

Esens, Lower Saxony, Germany

Esens- Bensersiel is situated near The North Sea in Lower Saxony.
A card from Uwe.


Trabant 500, Germany

This superb card I received from Marco.

It is a former German Democratic Republic car Trabant 500, produced in VEB Sachsenring Automobilverke in Zwickau in 1957-62 years. It was very popular car especially in Eastern Europe.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA

The summer and winter views of Crater Lake and Wizard Island and stunning formations of the Pinnacles.
Captain Soul sent me this card in RR Just Viewcards Mark 2, group No. 51.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Saint Louis is known for its long standing French and German heritage and Victorian past.
The stadium of the front is the home of St. Louis Baseball Cardinals.
This card was sent by Alcott1 via RR Just Viewcards Mark 2,group No. 51.


Kiyv, Ukraine

Saint Trinity Gate Church and The Great Bell Tower in Kiyv.
 A card from Alexey from Kiyv.

Goirle, The Netherlands

A very nice multiview from Holland.
A card was sent by Tsukihime via RR Just Viewcards Mark 2, group No. 51.

Chepstow Wales(UK)

The first my postcard since I have opened this blog. It shows a Chepstow Castle in Wales (UK). This castle has been representing the Norman power and control in Wales.
I received a card from Duplevista in RR Just Viewcards Mark 2, group No.51