Southern Finland

The superb card from Finland. I have received from Eija via official way in Postcrossing.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Station's beautiful architect of red and white towers and arches was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, the father of modern architect in Japan in 1914.
Text from a card.

An official Postcrossing card from Masayo.

London, England, Great Britain

London Eye, The House of Parliament, Big Ben - British capital at night.

From Danik as official PC postcard.

Golden Sands, Bulgaria

The vacation card from Bulgaria.

From Aneta and Marek


Lebanon, Indiana, USA

Boone County Courthouse built in 1911.  

A card from Tobiejonzarelli via 10x10 RR group 35.

National Park Sumava, Czechy

Devil's Lake (Czertovo Jezero) in National Park Sumovo in Czech Republic.

This card arrived from Nemharap via EU RR group 10.

Dresden, Saxony, Germany

I like Saxonian postcards very much so here is a next view od Dresden.
 I have received it from Mikro70 via EU RR group 10.


Breda, Holland

The Grote kerk or Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady) is the most important monument of Breda. The church is built in the gothic style Brabantse gothiek. The tower of the church is 97 meter tall. The plan is in the shape of a Latin Cross, as is usual with gothic cathedrals.

Interesting: Breda was liberated following a successful outflanking manoeuvre planned and performed by forces of 1st Polish Armoured Division of Gen. Maczek on October 29, 1944. Each year during Liberation Day festivities, Breda is visited by a large Polish contingent and the city of Breda reserves a special portion of the festivities for the fallen Polish soldiers. A museum and a monument honoring General Stanisław Maczek and the Polish 1st Armoured Division stands at the city center. General Maczek and soldiers of his division are buried in a nearby Polish military cemetery.
Source: Wikipedia-22.08.2011

This card I have recieved from Mike.

San Diego, California, USA

A U.S. aircraft carrier in San Diego harbor.

An official Postcrossing card from MaryLou and Greg.

Lublin, Poland

Piękna kartka z panoramą Lublina przywędrowała dzisiaj od Pannyem. Dziękuję Marta!

Paris, France

This beautiful view of French capital I have received from Nadia via official Postcrossing way from Holland.


Museum MKD in Prague, Czechy

The amazing card of exponats in Public Transport Museum in Prague. (Muzeum MKD v Praze).

An official Postcrossing card from Guliver.

Trabants in Zwickau

My favourite car of our former Eastern Block - Trabant.
A card from Meeting of Trabants in Zwickau.

From Marco

Tagernsee, Bavaria, Germany

The Bavarian Alps.

From Doris.

National Park Narochanskiy, Belarus

The sanatorium "Sosny" in Narochanskiy National Park.

A card from Laskart-Katya via Belarus RR group 33.

Dresden, Saxony, Germany

The next beautiful card of  rebuilt Frauenkirche in Saxonian capital.

From Mirko70 via 10x10 RR group 35.


Lindau, Bavaria, Germany

Lindau is a Bavarian town and an island on the eastern side of Lake Constance, the Bodensee.

 A card from Hexenrtio-Simone.

Łuck, Ukraine

The Lubart Castle in Łuck was built in the mid-14th century as the fortified seat of  Gediminas' son Liubartas.
The current castle, towering over the Styr River, was built mostly in the 1340s, although some parts of the earlier walls were used. It repelled sieges by numerous potentates, including Casimir the Great (1349), Jogaila (1431), and Sigismund Kestutaitis(1436). It was there that the Łuck Conference of 1429 took place, attended by Emperior Sigismund,  Vasyl II, Jogaila, Vytautas The Great, and the voivode of Wallachia.
Based on Wikipedia-15.08.2011

A card from Aleksey.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The famous town Las Vegas in Nevada, USA.

A card from Erin - Emotis via Belarus RR group 33.

Grodno, Belarus

The New Castle in Grodno. It was a residence of  Polish kings built in the mid-18th Century based on the design of Saxon architects wh built Zwinger in Dresden. In Sovet times it was rebuilt.

A reprint card of Sovet poster from 50's.

Both cards from LuckyDay-Alina.

Berlin, Germany

The next card of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. I received  from Sandra and Dennis.


Minsk, Belarus

Although it has been summer I've received an interesting winter view of Belarusian capital.
It shows an Old Town in Minsk.

This card sent me Nadea.


Czortków, Ukraine

Czortków- Church of St. Stanislaus.

A card from Nadamira via Slavic Countries group 131.

Los Angeles, California, USA

California's sprawling City of Angels is the West Coast largest city. It has tantalized newcommerswith desert living on the Pacific Ocean. From film to fasion, beaches to bodegas.
The text from a postcard.

A card from Anesskina via Slavic Countries RR group 126.