Diveyevo, Russia

Viev of the Convent in Diveevo, Nzhny Novgorod Region.

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Křivoklát, Czechy

Křivoklát is a market town in the Central Bohemia.. It is also the place where the medieval castle is located. The market town is a popular tourist destination today and also is the seat of the Krivoklatsko Landscape Protected Area.
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Tę kartkę publikuję jako ciekawostkę. Otrzymana z Białorusi przedstawia obraz Henryka Brzozowskiego pod tytułem " Na rodzinnych polach", 1952. 
Gdzieś na świecie  jeszcze takie obrazy są  w cenie :)


Loket, Czechy

Kolejna odsłona czeskiego zamku w Loket.

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Kazań, Tatarstan, Rosja

Nocna panorama stolicy Tatarstanu- Kazania.

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Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Wurttemberh, Germany

Freiburg Minster - the cathedral . The last duke of Zahringen had started the building around 1200 in romanesque style, the construction continued in 1230 in Gothic style. The minster was partly built on the foundations of an original church that had been there from the beginning of Freiburg in 1120.
In the Middle Ages, Freiburg lay in the Diocese of Konstanz. In 1827 the Freiburg Minster became the seat of the newly erected Catholic Archdiocese of Freiburg and thus a cathedral.
In Polish language :  Fryburg Bryzgowijski
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Arundel, England, Great Britain

Arundel Castle is a restored and remodeled medieval castle in  Arundel, England. It was established by   Roger de Montgomery on Christmas Day 1067. Roger became the first to hold the earldom of Arundel by the graces of William the Conqueror. The castle was damaged in the English Civil War and then restored in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Source: Wikipedia, 19.02.2015

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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Palace Square and Alexander Column.

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Schwerin, Mecklemburg, Germany

Castle in Schwerin.

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Areskutan, Sweden

Åreskutan is a 1,420 metres high mountain  in central Sweden. It is one of the better-known mountains in Sweden. The mountain (and the village of Åre itself) is easily accessible by train.

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Ostrava, Czechy

A tramway called Barborka in Ostrava.

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Postcrossing, Russia

Special postcard with special stamp of Postcrossing from Lusha- Larisa, Russia.


Peacham, Vermont, USD

Winter beauty in Wermont.

From Middlin Linda

Sankt Petersburg, Russia

The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island in Saint Petersburg.

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Wartburg Eisenach, Thuingia, Germany

The wonderful view of Wartburg castle in Eisenach, Thuringia from Postcrossing Meeting in Germany. Sent by Michael.


Superb Wartburg postcard from Thuringia also by Postcrossing: