Donieck, Ukraine

The copy of the legendary Car (Tzar) Cannon in Donieck, manufactured by 'Izhstal" Factory.

From Maria.

Cape Town, South Africa

Company's Garden in Cape Town.

From Ana.

Lansing, Michigan, USA

Michigan became a 26th state in January 1837. The state capitol, erected in 1879m houses the kegislative and administrative branches of stste government. visitors are welcome to tour the building located in Lansing, Michigan.

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Trabant in Berlin, Germany

Trabant and East Side Gallery in Berlin. 
A card from International Postcrossing Meeting in Berlin 10th March, 2012.

From Mikis. Thank you!

Gdynia, Polska

ORP Błyskawica – niszczyciel typu Grom wprowadzony do służby w 1937 roku. Od 1976 roku pełniący rolę okrętu-muzeum. Do wybuchu Drugiej Wojny Światowej  jeden z najszybszych i najnowocześniejszych niszczycieli świata. Jest jednostką bliźniaczą ORP Grom. Jedyny ocalały polski okręt zbudowany przed wojną, najstarszy na świecie wciąż istniejący niszczyciel oraz jedyna istniejąca jednostka koalicji antyhitlerowskiej, która walczyła od pierwszego do ostatniego dnia wojny.
Źrodło: Wikipedia- 23.03.2012

Kartka od Basi27. Dziękuję!

Astoria, Oregon, USA

Lightship Columbia in Astoria, Oregon.

From Jschwab via North America RR, group 223. 


Bangkok, Thailand

Motorized tricycles, Tuk Tuk, offer cheap transportation thrills on Bangkok.

From P-Pong via Postcrossing, TH-99079.

Rochester, New York, USA

The arrival of spring heralds "Lilac Time" in Rochester usually in May, rarely in late April or early June. Highland Park in Rochester is the site of the world's largest public display of Lilacs spread over 15 acres.

From Regidroz via 10x10 RR group 51.


Nebraska, USA

Nebraska became the 37th state admitted to the Union on March 1, 1867. Known as the "Cornhusker State", Nebraska ranks 15th size among all 50 states, and supports a great diversity of industry and agriculture.

From Jennifer.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The historic Trinity Church, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, and the I.M. Pei designed Jogn Hancock Tower, reflect the old and new Boston in Copley Square. 

From Paul.


New York, USA

New York- Independence Day Fireworks and Empire State Building.

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1000 Islands, Canada

The pristine vacation area known as the 1000 Islands features many different types of charming lighthouses.

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