Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The snow-capped Wasatch Mountains are a unique backdrop ot the Utah State Capital building. In downtown Salt Lake City you will find Temple Square, the Tabernacule and many renowned shoping centers.

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Tbilisi, Georgia

Viev from Sololaki. In the background Trinity Cathedral (1995-2000).

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Tainan, Taiwan

National Museum of Taiwan Literature in Tainan.
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Tilamook, Oregon, USA

Cape Meares by Pacific Ocean in Oregon.

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Towering skyscrapers and old buildings alongside the Singapore River.
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Брэст, Беларусь

Брэсцкі абласны краязнаўчы музей.
Музей "Выратаваныя мастацкія каштоўнасці".
Музей гісторыі горада.

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The superb card-map of Bulgaria.

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Віцебск, Беларусь

Свята- Успенскі сабар, Уваскрасенска царква і ратуша ў Віцебску.
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Chesapeake Bay, Virginia/Maryland, USA

With more than 4000 miles of shoreline, the Chesapeake is America's largest inland estuary.
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Washington, D.C., USA

The White House designed by James Hoban in 1792, serves as a home for US Presidents .

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Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA

Tall Starks is an event which began in 1988 to celebrate Cincinnatti's Bicentennial. It attracts riverboats and people from all over the country every four years.

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Maine, USA

Maine- "The Pine Tree State", capital- Augusta, 23rd State admitted to the Union.

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