Sterlitamak, Baszkortostan, Rosja

Pomnik przyrody Republiki Baszkortostanu- Góra Juraktau w Sterlitamaku.

Od A_Sputnik w ramach RR Miasto na życzenie gr. 13.

Piran, Slovenia

Piran in Slovenia.

From Pasażerka and Geralt.
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Cana Island Lighthouse, Door County, Wisconsin, USA

Majestically towering over shelves of Door County limestone, Cana Island Lighthouse was built in 1835 to aid maritime traffic on Door County's east coast.

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South Carolina, USA

South Carolina is one of the original American Colonies with a rich history and culture shaped by European, African and Caribbean influences. It was the 1st state to secede from the Union to found the Confedrate States of Ameria. The state is named after King Charles II of England, as Carlos is Latin for Charles.

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The National Park of Taiwan.

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Madison, Wisconsin, USA

The Wisconsin State Capitol im Madison. Of all the US State Capitols, The Wisconsin Capitol building most closely resembles, and is within six inches in height, of the Nation's Capitols in Washington.

From Katie via Postcrossing, US-2064897.

Bohinj, Słowenia

Narodowy Park Triglaw w Słowenii.
Kartka od Moniki- Wariaty w ramach Wakacyjnego RR, grupa 1

Bludov, Czech Republic

Bludov in Region of Sumperk.

od Davida