Metro Station-Sokol, Moscow, Russia

"Sokol"- Moscow Metro Station built in 1938.

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Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

The Central Railway Station.

The sailboats on Dnipr.

The National University on Gagarin Avenue.

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The next cards that show Russian traditional dolls made from the wood.

Polkhov-Maidan 1970-80's.
Matryoshka Museum in Moscow

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Stadium built for FIFA 2010 World Cup Games.

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Durbuy, Belgium

Durbuy is a Walloon city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. On 1 January 2007 the municipality had 10,633 inhabitants. The total area is 156.61 km², giving a population density of 67.9 inhabitants per km².
In medieval times Durbuy was an important centre of commerce and industry. In 1331 the town was elevated to the rank of city by John I, Count of Luxemburg, and King of Bohemia.
Source: Wikipedia-25.02.2012.

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Seoul, South Korea

The fest Budda's Birthday at Doseonsa temple in Seoul.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The Statehouse of Indiana was built in 1888, it houses the Indiana General Assembly, the Governor of Indiana and the Supreme Court.

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Kielce, Polska

Dworzec autobusowy z 1984 roku oraz kościół św. Krzyża (1901-31)

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The Canadian Coast Guard.

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Białystok, Polska

Pałac Branickich w Białymstoku.

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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nevsky Prospekt in Sankt Petersburg and view of Kazan Cathedral.

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Sacramento, California, USA

The magnificent California State Capitol Building was built in 1874 and ubderwent a massive restoration that was completed in 1982.

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Hameenlinna, Finland

The ruins of a castle of Aulanko and look-out tower (on a stamp) i the same park. It is not real ruins, were built in 1883-1910 for tourists.

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Różana, Białoruś

The ruins of a Palace of Sapiehas in Różana from 18 century.

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