Sighnaghi, Georgia

David the Builder Square in Sighnaghi.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans, famous town in Louisiana

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Mińsk, Białoruś

Ulica Lenina w białoruskiej stolicy.

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Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle in Washington State, USA

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Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus, the capital of Ohio, is a largest city of historic neighborhoods, exciting nightclubs, restaurants and shopping areas.

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Joszkar-Oła, Mari El, Rosja

Kartki od Ksenii z Joszkar-Oły, stolicy Republiki Mari El.

Mukilteo Lighthouse, Washington, USA

The Lighthouse in Mulilteo, Washington State.

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Silver Lake-Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Canadian Geese wing their way over picturesque Silver Lake. Many hundreds of geese claim it as their year round residence.

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