Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Williamsburg founded in 1632 was served as capital of colonial Virginia from 1699 to 1780 and was a center of political events in Virginia leading to Amerivan Revolution. The town has 88 original 18th century structures along with numerous houses, shops and public outbuildings reconstructed on their original foundations.

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Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany

Some sights from Goslar

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Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, Germany

View of small Thuringien towm Zella-Mehlis

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Worthing, England, Great Britain

The Lido in Worthing, England

Card from Scott, England

Pribylina, Slovakia

The Museum of The Liptov Village

Carf from Zuzana via Views RR gr. 74

Freiberg, Saxony, Germany

Old Town with Town hall in Freiberg in Saxony

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Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Vintage card of Charleston

Card from Jo via RR North America gr. 1235

Litwa, Morze Bałtyckie

Litewskie Morze Bałtyckie 

Kartka od Andrzeja, Wilno


New York, USA

South Street Seaport in New York

Card from Pammykay via RR North America gr. 1244

Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic

Views of Marianske Lazne

Card form Thomas

Augusturburg, Saxony, Germany

Castle in Augustusburg near Chemnitz

Card from Thomas, Chemnitz

Ling's Lynn, England, Great Britain

The old English architecture in King's Lynn

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Pismo Beach, California, USA

Pismo Beach with its beautiful coastline in California

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Lincoln, Nebraska USA

The Nebraska State Capotol in Lincoln

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Dodge Custom Royal, USA

Dodge Custom Royal

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Bol, Croatia

Touristic center Bol in Croatia

Card from Helena, Croatia

New York, USA

Map of New York State with Statue of Liberty

Card from  Janncady via RR North America gr. 1244

Semmering Railway. Austria

UNESCO World Heritage Site- Semmering Railway in Austria

Postcard from Monika, Wien


Nottingham, England, Great Britain

The Statue of Robin Hood.
Robin Hood, the famous outlaw of Sherwood Forest, has been immoralised here in the form of a bronzr statue. The statue, sculpted in 1952 by James Woodford can be seen standing on the eastern boundary surrownding Notingham Castle.

Card from Scott, England

San Francisco, California, USA

Reprint of vintage Large Letter city pame postcard (ca. 1930's-40's)

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